November 5, 2010

Halloween cuties!

Our Halloween this year was great. The kids had lots of fun, ate way too much junk and LOVED their costumes! Jasper was the cutest Rock Star I've ever seen and Aram had so much fun being Thomas the Tank Engine. He really 'got' the trick or treating thing this year. It was really cute to hear him say "Trick or Treat, I want Candy". He usually remembered to say "Thank You", too.

The time has come...

Okay, so it's time... I'm going to take the plunge. I'm going to break out of my stubborn, 'I don't want to blog' phase'. Why? Because when I first started this blog it was as a journal of sorts. I am horrible at documenting my childrens' milestones, the going on-s in our life and I promised myself that someday I would make a book out of my blog. That book is going to be very pathetic if I don't get over this lazy blogger streak. So,... here we go! Recently...

We went to Lake Powell,

and had a Family Reunion

We played in the Moab sand and rocks,

rode on Thomas the Tank Engine

and went to Mesa Verde.

Aram turned 2.

Jasper turned 7,

and started 2nd Grade.

We played,

enjoyed the weather,

spent time with Family,

watched the colors change,

and shared Love.

Our life is simple, but it is GOOD!