September 23, 2011

To my Blog

Poor neglected little blog, let me nourish you today. YES! I am going to post, but whatever should I say? It has been so long that I'm not sure how to update you.
Let my give you a synopsis of the year 2011 so far...

We went to Disneyland... yes, AGAIN! What can I say... It's my family's happy place.

 Aram giving Dale knuckles

My dear sweet Papa passed away in June, it was time for him to go but I sure do miss him. He holds a special place in my heart and the kids and I got to spend some treasured time with him just before he left us. He will always be remembered.

 1 month before he passed away

 Jasper (1 year old) with my grandparents

My Papa and me at my wedding

My darling little guy turned 3. He is so much fun. He keeps me laughing and screaming and frequently wishing for naptime/bedtime. He learns so much all the time. He knows all his alphabet, colors, shapes and proclaims to "love to spell" then proceeds with chanting random letters that don't spell anything in any known language! :) He can spell a few words, though. He is completely potty trained, WOO HOO! He is obsessed with tractors and will argue with you about what type of tractor each one is. He knows them all by sight and is delighted to see them out and about doing their "earth mover action". He frequently plays "Guess what?" games with the answer alternating between "chicken butt" and the sweetest little "I wuv you" from him. He wants so badly to go to preschool but although we've tried, it hasn't happened yet. He tells everyone he meets "I'm going to PWEESCHOOL". He screams at the top of his lungs "HOW MANY TIMES I SAID... YOU'RE DRIVING ME NUTS" to giggles from all of us. I wonder where he learned those phrases? I don't think I've ever used them together. :) All in all, he is one fiery bundle of chaotic energy that I couldn't love more.

My sweet little gir-dle turned 8! Can you believe it? She finished up 2nd grade with a bang and some awesome grades. She didn't want to do any school work this summer though, so we were frequently battling. She read a lot of books through the summer and when her brother would get grumpy at her he would tell her "Go READ, Sissy". We celebrated her birthday with a party for her and her friends at a Big Bounce/Teddy Connection. She was excited to be baptised at the end of August and continually makes us proud with the choices she makes and the understanding she has of the Gospel. The font that she was baptised in had 2 dead spiders floating in it (YUCK) which led Aram to tell everyone that she got baptized with the spiders. :D Third grade has been the best so far, she has flourished in her behavior and loves her teacher. She has always been incredibly smart but had some attention issues and it is nice to see less of those issues this year. She is such a great help at home. I love watching her grow and having these grown up conversations with her. I am so proud to be Mom to this special little girl. She has never paid much attention to the circumstances of her birth until recently and now every once in a while I will hear her refer to the fact that she is amazing because she was born at 1 pound 10 ounces. She definitely is amazing.


Aric and I celebrated 11 years of marriage back at the end of May. Life is never dull with this man. He continues to be my rock, solace, personal comedian, confidante, pain in the..., joy, and love. I didn't know how lucky I was when I married him,.. I do now. He supports me in everything, lifts me up and makes me feel treasured. I am extremely blessed to have him.

 Isn't he a hoot?

My dear Mother got sick again this year after less than a year off of Chemo. While my heart frequently aches at her suffering and the prospect that someday she too will join her Daddy and leave us behind, I am blessed to be close to her and spend time helping her. She is one of my best friends and Aram and I can think of no better way to spend several days a week than going to "Grammy's house" where we play and laugh, work and sometimes cry. It is these memories that we take with us and I intend to make as many of them as I can.

The little Kittle household continues on, so don't distress little blog, your neglect will never be permanent.

February 8, 2011

Gingerbread houses and Jasper's Christmas Concert

 There were no pictures on my camera for the month of November, so I can't even remember what we were up to! ;) December was picture overload though, so...

We attended the Elementary Christmas Concert.

Jasper and her friend Caitlyn after singing their little hearts out!

Then Emily joined in the photo shoot.

                           My two little darlings. Every once in a while they act like the love each other.

Gingerbread houses are part of our Christmas Traditions, also. We have some awesome friends that we always get together with to do this. It is great fun for the kids.