February 24, 2010

Lost, Found and Late

I haven't been a very good blogger lately for a number of reasons. The worst being that I apparently lost my camera. I was panicked because I knew the last time I had seen it was at Jasper's school Valentine party. After anxiously alerting the teacher and fearing the worst, I found it... underneath the seat of my car! Phew, but I felt like such a dummy! So, here are the belated pictures...
The kids had fun passing out Valentines and then scoping our their own haul (one of the spelling words this week).
Now that Jasper's hair is getting longer, I have been experimenting with different hair-do's. This one was hearts for Valentines Day but I didn't get a picture of it until after she had messed it up putting her hat on for recess.

In other news, I did end up having surgery. I really appreciated all the help, love and support I got from my Husband through the whole ordeal. Emotionally, I am doing well. Not TOO regretful of the fact I can no longer have children. Physically, I am doing good. I still get tired and have some pain if I overdo the physical activities, but I am pretty much back to my normal lifestyle. The worst part has been the new menopausal symptoms. I have been having hot flashes and night sweats, but am hopeful those will go away in time. All in all, I am great because of the wonderful family and friends that I have.

One last bit of news to catch up on... Jasper lost another tooth. :) She was happy after the fact, but still screamed bloody murder while we were wiggling it out. Silly girl!
Up next in news of the Kittle family...
We are headed on a family vacation this weekend. Off to Disneyland we will go for almost a week. TOTALLY looking forward to spending some fun, relaxing time with my little family. It seems like life gets in the way of that sometimes and we forget to enjoy one another. I also can't wait get a little warm weather while we are at it! California, here we come! You can go with us vicariously as I will try to be good about taking pictures and blogging while there.

February 5, 2010

Fabulous First Grader

We got to watch Jasper get her "Bobcat Award" yesterday. She is growing up so quickly now. It is amazing to watch her grow and learn. She started reading chapter books, and gets quite carried away, reading more than she is supposed to because she is interested in what will happen next. She has now joined the ranks of us 'Book lovers' and has added the 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' series to her list of favorites.

Proud girl!

This is what her Teacher wrote about her:

Quite a special girl...

These two don't always get along great, but they sure love each other.

In other news this week, the resident Menace bit through his lip... AGAIN!

Luckily it healed up pretty quickly, but it sure looked awful in the meantime.

Oh, and look what else he learned how to do...

Gross, huh? He only does it because we make a big deal out of it, so I am trying to ignore it... easier said than done. Especially when he uses his pointer fingers to plug BOTH nostrils at the same time and then comes to show me. HOW do you ignore that?

Mommy was able to successfully give him a haircut this week. Now it showcases his big 'ol ears better. :)

What a cutie!