February 28, 2009

And now for your viewing pleasure, I present......
Teryk and Swift

Sorry, I know I'm a cheeseball...

February 26, 2009

swimming, and more..

Angie and I took the kids swimming (Aram for the 1st time) this afternoon. It was cold and the babies tolerated it well, but their big siblings LOVE to swim, and had a ball. They were rambunctiously cute jumping into the pool over and over again.
(sometimes on top of each other!)

They look thrilled, dont they? :)

I had to include my funny faced little man, he is very expressive, I love some of the faces he makes!

February 24, 2009

And the lucky winner is...

Aram has been the lucky recipient of new teeth and a haircut this week, I got a couple of pics to portray the winner at his finest..

there are actually 3 (almost 4) teeth up there, but you can only get a glimpse of 2

(another one of my photoshop creations, by the way)

His hair was getting so long and scraggly, it was driving me nutso.

(my mom will be mad that I cut it, she kept telling me not to.)

Aram: Sorry, grammie... I want to look like a boy.

Yay for Photoshop!!

Well, my last post did the trick of convincing my husband that I needed a photoshop program,.. he found me a program to try for 30 days to see if it is what I want.
So far, so good...
what do you think of the little playing around I did?

Hope Bry and Beth don't mind me posting Brynn here.

February 16, 2009

found something I truly enjoy...

So, I think getting a new camera has created a monster in me... I absolutely love to take pics and then edit them, turning them into my own masterpieces (obviously I like the black and white and sepia best). Now I just need (PLEASE, Aric) to get Photoshop for my computer, and voila...
a new fun hobby.
The best part... no pictures of ME!!
Here are some of my favorites...

February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day to my Best Friend...

Valentines Day (in my opinion) is a day of forced affection and people make too much of it on only one day of the year, but maybe because I didn't even see my hubby today I really want to express just how much love I do have for this wonderful man.
(read on only if you can stomach sap, but babe, this post is really for you.)
I love that I can talk to you about ANYTHING or nothing and just feel your support when I'm struggling.
I am so grateful for your patience and long suffering of my many faults.
I am always amazed at your ability to be the worlds best daddy to your two beautiful children, they both absolutely adore you.
I think a perfect day would have to include your company.
I appreciate the fact that you work so much to support us and give us more in this life,.. all we really need is you. (stop working so hard :P )
I love that when you laugh, it makes me laugh too (I'm not really laughing at you).
When you tell me that everything is going to be okay, I believe you.
I feel so much hope when you express your many "dreams" to me for our future. Thank you for pulling me up into the clouds with those dreams, sorry that I don't stay up there with you longer.
You are the light in my life, you keep me sane, you are truly my BEST FRIEND!

I never had no one
that i could count on
i've been let down so many times
i was tired of hurtin'
so tired of searchin'
till you walked into my life
it was feelin'
i'd never known
and for the first time
i didn't feel alone
you're more than a lover
there could never be another
to make me feel the way you do
oh we just get closer
i fall in love all over
every time i look at you
i don't know where id be
without you here with me
life with you makes perfect sense
you're my best friend
you stand by me
and you believe in me
like nobody ever has
when my world goes crazy
your right there to save me
you make me see how much i have
and i still tremble when we touch
and oh the look in your eyes when we make love
you're more than a lover
there could never be another
to make me feel the way you do
oh we just get closer
i fall in love all over
every time i look at you
i don't know where id be
without you here with me
life with you makes perfect sense
you're my best friend

Thank you Aric, from the bottom of my heart for the very best Valentines gift... YOU!

There is no one I would rather spend eternity with.

I love you, Brooke

February 6, 2009

her dad's personality...

Jasper won a "Bobcat Award" at school yesterday, and we got to attend the assembly, I expected her to be really surprised and excited... but I guess I forgot just how much this little girl is like her daddy. She was totally stone faced the whole time the principal was talking about her, she didn't even crack a smile. She just had this 'yeah, whatever' look on her face.
(Aric received a Badge of Merit at work a while back, but he refuses to wear the actual Badge because he says its a "foamer" thing to do.)
So, after watching her yesterday, I truly realized that my little girl has her dad's personality. Neither one wants to be put on the spot, or people to make a big deal out of them, and not much fazes or excites them. It was still cute to watch her though.
We finally got some smiling pictures of her afterwards. Silly girl.

Orange ya glad,..

Aram's nose is looking orange these days. I've heard that can happen due to beta-carotene from foods like sweet potatoes, carrots and squash but I can hardly get him to eat any of these. So, I have no idea what going on. He looks orange all over in this picture, and can you believe how much hair this guy has?

February 2, 2009

Jasper FINALLY loses a tooth!

After weeks of whining, crying, and not letting us touch her mouth... she exclaims to her Dad (after we held her hands and pulled the tooth out ourselves) "It doesnt even hurt!" By the look of the tearstained and blotchy face though, you wonder whether or not she was tortured.
I worry we might have done too little too late, as the permanent teeth are already coming through. Just check out our little snaggle-tooth... YIKES!!