April 13, 2010

Guess what? x 2

The first 'guess what' is this...

My Hubby's first blog. He is creative, has a passion for all things Post Apocolyptic, likes to write and share his ideas. Go check out his first post and the unique way he is writing this blog!

The second 'guess what' is that I got invited to Guest Post on an AWESOME website...

Yes, ME!! I know,.. I was freaked out. I mean, what do I have to contribute?... any ideas would be very much appreciated. It doesn't have to be a tutorial, just something interesting. What would interest you? PLEASE help so I don't have to let this opportunity pass me by! :)

April 9, 2010

Easter 2010


Daddy takes pictures at the breatfast table... eating food, not Candy!

In between General Conference sessions we had an Easter Egg Hunt. Aram liked to eat the candy out of the eggs, but wasn't interested in finding too many of them. He decided to play instead. Jasper was GUNG-HO about getting as many eggs as she could.

Goofy little Egg hunters. Aram is certainly due for a haircut!

My beautiful Mom.

We finished off the day with a late afternoon stroll.
I love spending time with my family. They are the whole world to me. Easter is always special but this year it felt extra special. It was a joy to see the kids excitement, a blessing to hear the messages from our General Authorities, a peaceful and relaxing day. I felt especially humbled that all that I have was made possible by my Savior, who was not only the reason for this special day but the reason for all the good things each and every day.

April 2, 2010

The little things

I haven't been very good about posting the "little" things in our life, you know the ones that make it special, enjoyable and just give you the feeling that you are incredibly blessed?
Here are some of my "little" things from today...

My hubby (who is currently working the night shift) got up after only 5 hours of sleep because I wanted to take the kids swimming but didn't want to do it alone. Not to mention I didn't want to go to the dreaded Wal-mart and get Easter goodies with the kids in tow. He is special like that. He frequently sacrifices his comfort (or in most cases, sleep) in order to please me! :)

My cute 6 year old picked up all her brothers toys and books so we could go swimming today. She is special like that, too. She helps out around the house A LOT! (I feel guilt when I think about how much!) :P She is awfully fun to take the pool. She just loves it so much, she pleads with me to "Watch me, Mom" as she tries out new tricks in the water. Sometimes I get frustrated that she wants my undivided attention so much, I mean, she IS 6! Then I remember, she was an only child for an awfully long time. When I ask her why she still wants me to baby her she tells me that I'm lucky she still likes to snuggle! :D (She's right) In addition to making up a song all about how fun her brother is (it was cute), she also showed us how brave she is by jumping not only off the diving board, but also off the HIGH DIVE. TWICE. Her Dad about had heart failure watching. She is one amazing little girl. I wish I would have brought the camera.

Our 'Resident Menace' is slowly becoming a little sweetheart himself. He is 20 months now and FU-UH-NNY! We have a hard time keeping a straight face around this kid. He does the craziest things. He has been torturing my Mom's dog all week (we are dog-sitting) and I swear he has spent as much time in the dog's bed as his own. I am constantly having to remove him from 'the situation' because I know either he or the dog are going to get hurt. He started saying "Thank you" to me today. Melts my heart to hear him learning manners. :) Just driving to town is an adventure with him. He looks out the window and gets so excited at the thing he can see. He spent the entire trip exclaiming in his LOUDEST (believe me, that is very loud), ecstatic voice... "TRUCKS" "BUS" "MOO'S" "HORSE" "CARS". Don't you wish you could enjoy those things as much as a little boy? He was also amazing at the Swimming pool today. He didn't want me to hold onto him AT ALL. (Thank goodness for 'Floaties') It was so enjoyable to see the sheer joy in his little face when he would tell me "Mom, wa-wa" (water) and then take off on his own through the water. His enthusiasm is contagious.

This week has been rough, but I think if I can keep reminding myself of those "little" things, I just might survive. I am so thankful for my wonderful family. I have the best siblings (Thanks for all the phone calls). I have the coolest Dad. I have a Mom who is beyond description in specialness (new word, write it down) to me. I have a Heavenly Father who must love me an awful lot to give me all of this. I am incredibly blessed.