February 8, 2011

Gingerbread houses and Jasper's Christmas Concert

 There were no pictures on my camera for the month of November, so I can't even remember what we were up to! ;) December was picture overload though, so...

We attended the Elementary Christmas Concert.

Jasper and her friend Caitlyn after singing their little hearts out!

Then Emily joined in the photo shoot.

                           My two little darlings. Every once in a while they act like the love each other.

Gingerbread houses are part of our Christmas Traditions, also. We have some awesome friends that we always get together with to do this. It is great fun for the kids.

February 6, 2011

More photos...

We took a lot of pictures in October and I have a hard time weeding through them, so....

I love this kid's expressions! He is so full of personality (usually of an onery nature)!

 Aram sweet talked some girls into giving him this Plush Mickey that they won out of a claw machine. Seriously, I think all he had to say was "Mickey Mouse" when it dropped out of the machine and they handed it right over! Anyway, for about a week this is what we found when we checked on him after he fell asleep. Too cute!

Jasper got her own little treat when won a cool flower hairclip from one of the blogs I follow. We picked one out in her school colors and she was soooo excited when it arrived in the mail!