May 26, 2010

Spring Fling and Wax Museum

It has been almost a month since this took place, but I wanted to document Jasper's school 'Spring Fling'. Jasper is part of a program called 'Explorer's Club' and basically it is just the top students in each class get to participate in bi-weekly activities after school. They also got to do a 'Hero project' this year and display it at the Spring Fling as a Wax Museum. Jasper chose to do Amelia Earhart. For a first grader, this was a little challenging, so I ended up doing most of the work! :P

Everyone that stopped by her display board and heard her do her intro remarked that she looked just like Amelia Earhart. This was the picture they pointed out as they said it. What do you think? The smile? The eyes, the nose? Either way, she was pretty darn cute.

Here is her performance for the camera.
 "Hi, I'm Amelia Earhart. I was the first lady to fly across the Atlantic"

Then we went to visit her classroom which was all decked out in bugs to display what they had been working on recently.

Having a picnic by the ant hill! Making bugs out of goodies.

They had a tent set up where they could read a bug book to their families... Jasper read one to her cousins and brother.
The school has a greenhouse and an enclosed courtyard that they call their "Secret Garden". We found a tulip that had sprung up outside of it's allotted bed and was sheltering under a tree. It epitomized Spring to me, so I had to include it!

May 20, 2010

My Interests

I was realizing the other day that I never post much about me or my interests on here. This post is dedicated to ME! To remind myself that I DO have a life besides Motherhood, that I can do many things, that I am interested in a variety of things and therefore interesting! :) Bear with me, if you will... while a share a few.

#1 would definitely be the one I spend the most time on... READING! I wish I could write fabulous reviews, but I don't even read to discuss or review afterwards. I just read because it is an escape, an adventure I can go on, a journey that begins and ends within a short period of time. I am one of those people who don't mind knowing what is going to happen BEFORE I read the book (I am not big on surprises). In fact, I often read the end or skip ahead in books. Once I find a book I love, it becomes a life long friend and I love to re-read my favorites. What genres are my favorite, you may ask? Again, a thing that ranges as widely as my interests themselves. I love Fantasy, Paranormal, Classics, Historical fiction among many others. This is a love I have obviously passed on to my daughter. I have been amazed (once again) at her this week. She started reading the 2nd 'How to Train Your Dragon' book by Cressida Cowell and after reading for an hour each night, she finished it in less than a week (211 pages). She just can't put it down, even at the expense of lost sleep... just like her Momma! :)

#2 on my list is Cooking. Why don't I start a cooking blog, I often ask myself? Because then it would be work and therefore not FUN! I love to read others' food blogs, but if I truly immersed myself in that world... I just might drown! It seems so consuming! As it is now, I find a recipe that I want to try (or sometimes invent one myself) and I have a blast creating it (and of course eating it)! Taking pictures rarely crosses my mind and then having to type it all out?! Nope,... I think I will just enjoy this love of cooking and being a Foodie Friend rather than a true Foodie (food blogger). I might try to share a recipe on here now and then, though.

#3 is a recent one I found, Cardmaking. It is so fun, relaxing and creative. If I give myself too many options though, I become overwhelmed and it takes the fun out. So, I keep it simple and don't get too involved in this either.

#4 has already been mentioned on here, but I really like Photography (mostly involving kids). Am I talented in this area? Maybe not so much, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it. The part I like the most is editing the pictures! I really need that Photoshop program,... still! :D

#5 HAIR!! I love to dye/cut/fix/wax hair. In fact I was all set to go to Beauty School before getting married. Obviously, I decided not to. That didn't diminish my prospects, though. I still cut hair for those brave enough. :) I'm actually pretty good, I get compliments on my creations all the time. A new fun thing I've started doing is following several 'Hairstyle' blogs in order to find new styles for Jasper's growing hair (click on this picture to see the Hairstyle I did for Field Day). I was laughing at myself this morning because I tend to Bookmark the links for recipes or hairstyles that I want to try and one was labeled 'The Fastest Buns Ever'... hmmm, is that in reference to hair or food! :D (It was a hairstyle)

These are just the most important ones to me. I dabble in many things (quilting/crafting/crocheting), but am by no means expert at any of them.

(Hairclips I made for Jasper)
(Scarves I've made)

Someday, I hope to find a hobby that I love passionately but for now the only thing I am passionate about is my family! :)