February 6, 2009

her dad's personality...

Jasper won a "Bobcat Award" at school yesterday, and we got to attend the assembly, I expected her to be really surprised and excited... but I guess I forgot just how much this little girl is like her daddy. She was totally stone faced the whole time the principal was talking about her, she didn't even crack a smile. She just had this 'yeah, whatever' look on her face.
(Aric received a Badge of Merit at work a while back, but he refuses to wear the actual Badge because he says its a "foamer" thing to do.)
So, after watching her yesterday, I truly realized that my little girl has her dad's personality. Neither one wants to be put on the spot, or people to make a big deal out of them, and not much fazes or excites them. It was still cute to watch her though.
We finally got some smiling pictures of her afterwards. Silly girl.

Orange ya glad,..

Aram's nose is looking orange these days. I've heard that can happen due to beta-carotene from foods like sweet potatoes, carrots and squash but I can hardly get him to eat any of these. So, I have no idea what going on. He looks orange all over in this picture, and can you believe how much hair this guy has?


Jackee said...

Way to go, Jappers! And as for the nose... it's funny that it matches his shirt AND his hair. I love these sleeping pictures, he looks just like an angel. Orange and all.

Brooke said...

Thank you.