March 4, 2009

Proud to be..

So, after dropping my little girl off at school today, waving goodbye, signing 'I love you' back to her... I watched her make her way to the giant sized (to her at least) heavy metal door, and strain to open it. After looking behind her, she noticed that another student was making his way to the door. I don't know if he is handicapped or injured but he was slowly shuffling along. Jasper opened the door as wide as it would go and put all of her weight into holding it open (which I could tell was not an easy task for her) and waiting for him to make his way through the door first. Tears welled in my eyes, and pride shot through me at this wonderful gesture from my sweet little girl.
I began to think, how often do we as adults hurry along to be the first to get through a door, and slide through triumphantly before someone else. How often do we walk past someone and look at our feet, rather than making eye contact and smiling.
There are so many people out there that would benefit from someone else's radiant spirit shining through a smile, or a kind gesture. Do you know who they are? I don't, so I have decided to try and follow my 5 year olds' example... Slow down, Smile, Wave, Do a Kind Deed, Share some of the Love or Knowledge that I have been blessed with.
It sure made me proud to be this little girls mom.


Jackee said...

And now I'm proud too! That is so awesome of my Jappers. But I think if it was Kass, she might have asked the person to hold the door open for HER. :)

So sweet...

Brooke said...

no way! give her the credit she deserves... she would've given them a big long reason WHY they should hold the door open for her, after asking them what was wrong with them. :) They all have their own distinct personalities... I LOVE Kassidy's!!