September 8, 2009

Flagstaff favorites!

We got to go visit our Flagstaff cousins over the Labor Day Weekend. It was a great trip. The kids are at this fun age that there was very little fighting going on. Cousins are like extended siblings and they LOVE each other.
Jasper is bribing Aram to sit still with Goldfish... :) Kass is holding up her favorite toys!

Issak didn't want to be in the pictures, but Brookie got him anyway! This little boy has the cutest personality and little Mickey Mouse voice. Love it!

Audrey is an Angel personified... except for at night when she keeps her Mommy awake! :D

Chocolate cake... yummm!

I think Kassidy's personality is expressed PERFECTLY here! She is hilarious. I love that she wanted to ride everywhere with us because we got to spend more time with her that way!


The Webber's said...

Glad everyone got to visit Flagstaff! Kassidy is so animated - I love it! Those are great pictures, especially Isaak. It suites him well since he never sits still for pictures :)

Jess and Matt said...

Those are such cute pictures! Thanks for your comments on my blog. I know this is a normal phase but it's hard! I feel so sad for Kaden, like he is being pushed aside, and I hate getting mad at him. I actually did have to go cry in my room last night because I felt like the worst mom ever! The little baby requires a lot of time, as you know, since I have to feed him, nurse him, and pump every three takes forever! I feel bad for Kaden and I know he is just wondernig where his fun, attentive mommy is. Maybe we should all get together and have a big park day or something. Thanks again though! I think that when my parents get back from their trip I will be sending him their way for a little while.

The Childrens Nest said...

Hi Brooke!! I feel like we communicate more through the computer than in person...LOL!!! Thanks for your comment today! These pics of the kids and their cousins are adorable! Hope everyone is healthier at your house now :o) Talk to you soon!!

Jackee said...

ThaNks for the visit... and the sweet post. My kids love you!