April 9, 2010

Easter 2010


Daddy takes pictures at the breatfast table... eating food, not Candy!

In between General Conference sessions we had an Easter Egg Hunt. Aram liked to eat the candy out of the eggs, but wasn't interested in finding too many of them. He decided to play instead. Jasper was GUNG-HO about getting as many eggs as she could.

Goofy little Egg hunters. Aram is certainly due for a haircut!

My beautiful Mom.

We finished off the day with a late afternoon stroll.
I love spending time with my family. They are the whole world to me. Easter is always special but this year it felt extra special. It was a joy to see the kids excitement, a blessing to hear the messages from our General Authorities, a peaceful and relaxing day. I felt especially humbled that all that I have was made possible by my Savior, who was not only the reason for this special day but the reason for all the good things each and every day.


Jackee said...

I love their hairdos in the morning. So funny.

And conference was awesome. It felt very special this year.

eatlotsachocolate said...

Hi Brooke,

Oh my gosh, your kids are adorable!
Love the close ups and the little toothless one has to be my favorite. I sure hope your little family is happy and doing well.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Say hi to your precious mom.
Love, Joanie