December 17, 2008

Accident Prone, but Adorable!

My little "Sassy Jass" is 5 this year, and every bit the big girl. She loves kindergarten (especially the social aspect). Her and I go the rounds at times now that she is so independent and knows EVERYTHING! (or so she thinks)
Aric says he is moving out when she hits her teens because he doesn't want to be our referee. I love watching her learn and develop, but it is sad to watch her grow up so much. She is still my little cuddle bug though, and still frequently says "Mom, I love you" out of the blue. The thing we have been struggling with the most though is her ability to fall, run into, or land on any hard object nearby. As you can see from this years school picture, she is still swollen across her nose and around her eyes from a crash onto a table. At least they mostly edited out the black eyes. Do kindergartners know how to smile at a camera properly for school pics? All in all, she is growing up to be one cute, fun and smart little girl.

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