January 2, 2009

you need some alone time? and your privacy?

You know your little girl is growing up when....

She shuts you out of the bathroom, locks the door and tells you, when you insist she open it "But Mom, I need my privacy because I wear high heels now."

She gets in trouble and is sent to her room, but refuses to come out later stating "I need some alone time."

Has 2 loose teeth, but doesnt want to wiggle them because "the tooth fairy might not have any money right now."

Trys to convince her mom that she is not hungry for a meal, just a snack (every 15 minutes) because "It's not good for me to eat too much."

....Yes, I believe the days of bare butt innocence are vanishing.


Jackee said...

That's too funny. Remember the days of "private seats" in bathrooms instead of "privacy"?

Brooke said...

that must've been Kassidy's saying, right? Their little brains are amazing, the things they hear, say and comprehend.
Aric came home from work the other day, and told me that Bry broke the copy machine at the jail, so Jasper says to him first thing today, "I heard you broke something at work." I didnt even know she was paying attention. Guess we better be more careful, huh?