April 6, 2009

The latest (sometimes not so) greatest achievments of my 8 month old Wild Thing...

Being a huge Momma's boy... He whines and cries if I walk by him without picking him up, he throws a fit if his dad takes him away from me and he REALLY doesn't like strangers (he scowls at most people who try to talk to him). Its a good thing he's cute!

Born to stand... He will tolerate standing in his jumper or excer-saucer for short amounts of time, but what he loves best is to stand up like a big boy with his hands being held. (This is very time consuming for Mom, but you do what you must for a happy child!) When I go to get him after a nap, I usually find him standing up and bouncing up and down with excitement at getting out of his cage.

Big time Biter... He actually drew blood the other day,.. through my clothes. I think it is his convoluted way of showing affection. He leans in to give me a kiss and bites my lips instead, he nuzzles his face against me and I know I'm gonna get it if I'm not fast enough in escaping. Hopefully someday, he will just be loving in a nice way.

Backwards crawler... He could crawl all over if he was a little more patient (and less whiny). As it is, he goes from sitting to hands and knees and he can turn, scoot and lunge, but ends up going backwards more often than not when really crawling. The minute his tummy touches the floor though,.. he is mad and wants to be "fixed". Jasper is a great big sister, she is constantly picking him up and setting him back down so he will be happy. I love to watch their interaction, even though she is more a mother to him than a playmate.

Aram is the most motivated when a breakable electronic device is involved. (Toys are not fun,.. but phones, computers, cameras, remotes... LOOK OUT!)

He is going after my computer in this one.

Last week was Jasper's spring break and though we were looking forward to being outside and having friends over to jump on her new trampoline... the weather thought otherwise. (It was cold, windy and even snowy ALL week) So, Jasper made her own fun (and mess) while being cooped up in the house. The fun game she found to play with Bruddy (her brother) was climbing in his crib, jumping around and hiding in blankets. I'm not sure he thought it was as much fun,.. he just wanted me to get him OUT!

My kids are an absolute joy and I am so greatful for them. They complete me, challenge me, make me feel special and needed. I love being able to stay at home with them!

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Jackee said...

And soon they'll both be mobile (judging from the video) and you'll be wishing for a bigger yard! :)