April 5, 2009

Your future is only as bright as your Faith!

President Monson's talk during the morning session of our Church's general conference was so powerful it brought me to sobs and then gave me so much hope that I want to share his message with those who may not have heard it.
He starts out by talking about all the concerns and struggles that the country's state of affairs is bringing us. He knows that it would be easy for us to become discouraged and cynical about what the future holds. (This for me hits quite close to home as I am one for feeling afraid of the future, afraid of major trials, and depressed by my lack of control over situations.)
President Monson then told several story's about finding joy through severe trials. One was of a woman living in East Prussia during WWII and being forced to travel to Germany alone (her husband having just died) with her 4 children ranging in age from an infant to a 7 year old. Along the way (over 1000 miles on foot), they suffered from the cold, starvation and one by one each one of her children died. She buried each one using a teaspoon (the only thing she had). While listening I started out teary and ended up having to leave the room to attend to my sobs. (Losing a child is one of my biggest fears.) Still listening to the talk from the other room, I heard how this woman wanted to end her life to escape her misery. After turning to the Lord in prayer with nothing left but her faith, she was able to carry on. Once she had arrived in Germany (now childless) she was emaciated but triumphant. She later stated that of all the people in her saddened land she was the happiest, because she knew that God lived and Jesus is the Christ and he died and was resurrected that we may live again, and she would be with her family again someday if she could carry on.
So, even though this story was very devastating to me at first, I will take from it the message I feel like I very much needed...

"There will be nothing in this world that can defeat us"
"The future is as bright as your faith"
Wow! The future can have hope, no matter the state of affairs in our country. No matter the trials we each suffer. WE decide how bright our future is. This left me KNOWING that I could handle whatever I must... my future will be bright, it will get better, maybe not on this earth, but in the future I KNOW will come if I can stay faithful.


ShelleyG said...

OK, I totally cried at that story too! Thanks for this post Brooke. Conference always helps me get back on track and keep perspective. And watching church in PJ's id pretty cool too...:)

Jackee said...

Amen, sista! (Let's just hope we never have to go through what that woman had to in the story--we've been close enough to know how devastating it would be and it's one of my biggest fears too.)