July 16, 2009

Mini Maniac Man...

My baby will not be 1 for another week, but I RARELY think of this guy as a baby. He gets up to such mischief. In addition to getting into everything, he now says "UH-oh" while doing things he KNOWS he is not supposed to. I guess this makes it okay in his mind.
He can now almost RUN from me when I am trying to get something from him. I seriously have to chase him down to take away the plunger or toilet bowl brush, Cd's, and anything I deem too valuable to entrust to him.
Yesterday the little maniac did a "Peter Pan" off the porch. He was playing with his Sister's bike and started to push it, I was watching from inside and saw that it was about 4 feet from the porch steps. I headed out to intercede and before I could get the door open he had pushed it right off the porch sending himself FLYING over top of the bike to land on his head in the dirt. Luckily he was not hurt, just covered in weeds and dirt. It was pretty funny after the fact.
Another silly thing he does is shake his head from side to side while walking. It usually makes him fall down, but he gets up and does it again.
I am continually amazed at his little personality. He is SO different from Jasper (who was still a baby until she was 2 or 3). I wouldn't change him for anything, I just have those moments where I wonder "Where did he come from?" and then I remember...
From my Heavenly Father,... and I am grateful to have him, Craziness and all.

He also learned to wave this week, but I think here, he is just putting mashed potatoes all over himself.


ShelleyG said...

Isn't it amazing how different your kids can be from one another? I remember thinking that Seth should be more like Gabe as a baby. You're working with the same recipe, but they all come at as individuals. the whole uh-oh think is so funny!!

Angie said...

How funny, I love when he says Uh Oh! I like the picture of Aram because he looks so innocent :).