July 6, 2009

Independence Day in Silverton

We go to Silverton, Colorado every year for the 4th of July. It is probably my favorite place. The mountains there are so beautiful and they always have a great parade and fireworks display. This year we found something else to do in Silverton... visit the Big Foot Museum!
One of Jasper's best friends (Taegen, not the Yeti)

Trenton couldn't make it, so this guy stood in as Angie's hubby! :)

Animas Forks is a TINY ghost town above Silverton. Lots of neat old buildings and beautiful scenery.

Aram fell on some rocks the first day there... poor baby.

There are old mine shafts all over the mountain sides. Taegan, Kealen and Jasper were looking for "Mine Fairies". Kids have great imaginations!

See what I mean about the Mountains?

I think the old Miner cabins are pretty cool.

Love the wildflowers...

...and the Waterfalls!

There are so many creeks and brooks with ice cold water.

Just gorgeous!


Kyle and Alli said...

Absolutely beautiful!! I love the clouds in the last photo. One day maybe we can make a trip down there.... we will have to wait and see when Grant gets clearance for elevation travel!

Brooke said...

That would be great!! We would love to see you all! I loved the smiley pictures of Grant on your last post. I know how hard it is to face the upcoming surgery, but if anyone can handle this... you can! The Lord loves that little baby so much, all will be well.

Angie said...

Love the pics, my favorite is still the one with Aric, Jasper, and Aram in one doorway with Tagen in the window but I saw it on facebook. Black and white makes the antique look perfectly.