November 28, 2009

Little Posers

Jasper loves to pose for pictures these days. I left her hair down on Thanksgiving (I rarely do because it gets in her face) and she thought it looked so pretty that she wanted me to take pictures. At least she is a willing subject, unlike Aram.
Here is her "photo shoot"... What a silly girl! Here are some I was able to capture of Aram a few days before...

I know I am biased, but I can never get over how beautiful these two kids are.


Angie said...

You may be biased but they sure are cute! I read the title and had to realize what you meant, haha. Kelli always calls people posers and she doesn't mean it in a good way lol.

Kyle and Alli said...

You are certainly allowed to be biased! Those are two cute kiddos who won't always be so willing to pose in the camera!