December 11, 2009

So, it's been one of those weeks. You know the kind, we all have them... RIGHT? Well, today it came to a culmination, I hit rock bottom... (well actually I hit a column in an underground parking garage, but I will get to that).
The week started out with beautiful snow. I was so excited. I love snow. It is fluffy, sparkly and makes everything seem so majestic. It looks wonderful piling up... until it piles so high it knocks over the power line. Then, it's not so great. Especially when said power is off for 12 hours straight, resulting in no lights, no water, and no heat. Well, we could deal with this situation. Life is OK, until you factor in a sick toddler. I'm not talking a cuddly, let Mommy take care of you toddler. This guy is a whiny, nasty, not happy with anything sick toddler. He won't eat, drink, sleep, and he doesn't like ANYONE! I tried unsuccessfully to bring him to the Pediatrician (which he calls 'Docs',.. it is pretty cute) but they were closed because of the weather and then we were down to one car that can drive on the snow packed roads, so after working around Aric's work schedule I didn't get him in until he was already getting better (albeit still not sleeping) 4 days later.
Even though the roads were a mess and it took an hour to get to town, it was still worth it because I was able to get the kids' H1N1 boosters. Not a completely wasted trip to hear that it must have been a virus!
Well, here we are today... Jasper has now been out of school for 3 days due to weather and a scheduled day off. I am getting a little short tempered, Jasper is getting a little stir-crazy, Aram is,.. well, Aram (those of you who know him, know what that means). I was REALLY hoping to get a good nights sleep for the first time last night since my son SHOULD feel well enough to sleep.
Aric just went back to the 12 hour night shift schedule, so I was flying solo and can't remember clearly but I think the number of times I had to get up for Aram was 6. That is NOT counting the number of times Jasper woke me up, needing to go potty and then crying after she did. It took my tired brain the remainder of the night to figure out that my little girl has a Urinary Tract Infection, hence the many trips to the bathroom and the crying. Poor thing. Once I realized it, things clicked into place... her tummy hurt, she felt full even when she hadn't eaten anything (bloating) and she was really cold (had chills). DUH! I've had enough of these that I should have known when she was telling me all these things.
She is the other kind of sick kid. The sweet one who wants to be hugged and held and lay on the couch watching a movie, she doesn't even complain much. I definitely prefer her to be sick, over him! Sad, I know... but true nonetheless.
Well, when I realized I was going to have a repeat trip to the "Docs" today, I was embarrassed to call. Those ladies in the office must think I am a total hypochondriac about my kids. The only early appointment they had was 50 minutes from the time I called. Knowing how yucky Jasper felt, I took it. Not realizing that, again, it would take almost an hour to get into town on the STILL snow packed roads. URGH! I was going to call and move the appointment, but I had done that so many times in the last week and I didn't want to look like even more of a retard.
So, I hurried to get the kids ready and out the door. Does that EVER work by the way? Hurrying kids? Not mine... Aram picked that time to fall and his teeth went clear through the skin under his lip. On closer inspection, he also broke his upper frenum (again) and his lip was bleeding inside and out. I'm talking LOTS of blood. So much that he choked while crying and spit it all over my face, shirt and his own. YUCK! Well, here I am headed to the Doctor, who better to check out our new little problem?
I arrived 15 minutes late to a chorus of "Hello, AGAIN" from the nurses. Meanwhile, Jasper was out of control, bouncing around and not acting the least bit sick. The nurse even asked me "what is she here for" in a snide voice. It turned out that she did indeed have a UTI and we got our prescription, were told Aram's mouth should heal just fine without stitches and were on our way when...
Disaster strikes again. I hit the aforementioned column and take out my passenger side mirror.
Game over, I'm done.
Really though, I am laughing about it now, and shaking my head,.. and still want to cry. Does this life get any easier? Should Brooke have anymore kids? The answer... a BIG emphatic NO. :) Thanks for reading this. Hope you found some humor, and if not, I hope you had a better week than we did!


Kyle and Alli said...

Oh my. I can't believe you are already able to see the humor in this! I would still be hiding under the bed hoping life got better!

Jackee said...

Sheesh! Good thing I already knew the story. Or maybe I'd laugh. Oh wait... :o)

Jess and Matt said...

That is horrible! I am glad you survived, what a week. Hope the next one is much, MUCH better!

Kellie and Spencer said...

Brooke, It is good to hear from you. I am sorry you had a rough day. I made my blog snow from instructions here