June 27, 2009

Fun and Funnies...

This kid amazes me, he has just really got the hang of walking,.. FAST! It's been less than a week now and he can almost run, stand himself back up and maneuver around obstacles. We love watching it... (hopefully you do, too)

This is how Dad washes the kids when Mom is gone. Funny! (notice the mustache, also)

Unfortunately, Aram wasn't having fun with this game. (He was sick with Croup)

You never know how you will find this kid sleeping these days! Looks comfy, huh?


Jackee said...

Seriously, your blog takes forever to load up.

Cute pictures. At least Aric does wash them, I guess. I dread leaning over and doing that chore these days. But of course Steve doesn't volunteer. :o)

ShelleyG said...

It looks like you are having a good summer. I can't get over how beautiful your kiddos blue eyes are!! Time with dad is fun!!