January 17, 2009

How sweet it is..

I just got a FABULOUS new camera from my WONDERFUL parents for my birthday, and it has been lots of fun taking pics and then messing with the cool editing tools. I had to share my favorites of the cutest little 6 month old in the world. (yes, I know I'm biased)... Both of these are taken with Grammie holding him (I was forbidden to include her in the shot, though). He absolutely adores both his Grammie and Papa (Papa makes him giggle like no other). When he was 3 months old (to the day) and we found out that my Mom had cancer, I was thinking how awful that now after all these years I had a baby and couldn't be as much of a help to her because of him, but just today I realized what a blessing it was both for him (he gets to spend A LOT of time with her, that is mostly one on one) and for her, I think/hope it lifts her spirits to see the smiles and hear the coos that are inspired just by her BEAUTIFUL face.

(I know how much you hate attention Mom, and this post will bug you, but I wanted you to know how much you are loved, even without your hair and health.)

(He's asleep)

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Jackee said...

I LOVE both the pictures. So great. I won't comment on the other other material of the post for fear of crying... :)