January 23, 2009

Take it from Annie...

I recently introduced my daughter to one of my favorite childhood movies... Annie. She was somewhat less than impressed with it, but as a three year old I was absolutely in love with that movie and could be heard singing "the sun will come up, tomorrow..." So, is it surprising that this last week that very same tune keeps popping into my head? My own life is having a patch of smooth sailing right now, but I feel like the lives of so many family and friends are being bombarded by trials and heartache right now. So, as I was humming this tune to myself this morning, I thought I would send the message out to those who, despite your best efforts to keep your head up are struggling along right now.

I know from experience that sometimes its all you can do just to hold on and get through one more day, or hour, or minute. That "hanging on" is what gets you through the rough patches. So, I hope you will all keep "thinking about tomorrow" and "come what may" will endure through whatever trials the Lord sends you. You Can Do It!
Love to you all.

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