January 28, 2009

Little Aram is getting big..big..big these days. These are some of the accomplishments of this crazy little red head.

Two new teeth to bite mommy with, or anyone who unwittingly gets too close to my mouth. (or hands, as I pull everything I can reach into my mouth.)

I roll over both ways, but only when I feel like it, sometimes I would rather scream at you to pick me up.

I can sit up all on my own for long stretches of time, and I am getting brave enough to try to dive for things, or grab my feet. (Beware: if I fall on my head you will hear about it LOUDLY and for a LONG time afterwards. Earplugs, anyone?)

I pull my sister and cousin Teryk's hair because they get in my face and grab my hands, boy do they love me.

I love to eat, as my 16 lbs attests to, (I'm in the 20th percentile for all my measurements) and I will eat most babyfood, until I see someone else eating "real" food, then you had better give me some.. quick. I can make short work of crackers, waffles, pudding, cake...(my mom feels guilty about all of the "junk" food people feed me)

I sleep about 10 hours straight each night, and then I take two naps during the day. (lucky parents, huh?)

I like to jabber babytalk and have just started saying mumm,mumm. When I want to complain but not scream, I've got the funniest Tarzan call. (mom will try to get that one on video)

Toys don't entertain me for long, unless you hold me also. I just want to be on the go, hopefully I will learn to crawl soon.

All in all, I would say that I'm a pretty fun guy. Don't ya think?

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Theresa said...

What a beautiful family :), thanks for sharing, and I have to say, I love the red hair. Aric wanted me to leave my myspace.
myspace/ christiansgrandma
talk to ya soon