June 6, 2009

My kids speak Whale...

My kids can be so darn cute sometimes,... a few months back Jasper watched the movie 'Free Willie' and about that time Aram started this noise that when he was whining at me that sounds like an Orca Whale. She heard him and said "Mom, Aram sounds like Willie". Since then, when she wants him to follow her she calls "Come here, Willie" and makes the same noise to him. Now, he does it just for fun and the other night they did this back and forth for about 20 minutes. CUTE! I present you with 'Willie' and 'Willamina' Whale...



As you can see from the end of this video, when Aram decides the game is over, he just shoves her away... What a stinker! They are both so darling together though, don't ya think?

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