June 16, 2009

This weekend we were able to celebrate my Mom through the Relay for Life Cancer walk. The whole family attended. There was so much going on and I didn't keep my camera on me, so I missed MANY pictures that I wanted to take. They started the walk off with guest speakers, and then they asked all the Cancer Survivors to walk a lap first. It was very obvious that Mom was one of the more recent survivors. Here they are getting ready to start the survivor lap... (She is wearing the pink hat)
The bags you can see on the edge of the track are Luminarias with names on them, in Honor or Memory of loved ones. There were 8 with 'In Honor of Deb Webber' on them. I wish I had gotten a picture...
They asked the "Caretakers" to join their Survivors for the next lap.

The whole family has come together to get through this past year and help out where we were needed. It has been a journey of Faith, Strength, and Determination for us. My Mother is the heart of our family. As they lit the Luminarias at Dusk (another Kodak moment missed) and then had a presentation of names, I was overcome by tears and the fact that so many of those names had "In memory of" next to them. It made me more aware and proud of the "In honor of" next to her name. To beat this disease it takes a LOT of effort. She deserves the Honor, I am so very grateful for her. I am grateful that her time with us was not cut short. Thank you Mom, for being a fighter, and Thank you Father in Heaven, for blessing our lives with the gift of her life!

(When I finally do hand off the camera, this is what I get! Yucky pictures of me) My hair is growing out, and while I am sure Mom's will catch up sometime soon, I wish mine would hurry out of this awful, floppy, between stage. Enjoy the cute shortness while you can, Mommy!


Kyle and Alli said...

This has been a great year for you guys. Way to go Deb! I love the photos!

Jess and Matt said...

Wow that is really awesome. What a great experience for the whole family. Everyone is so proud of your mom; what a trooper she is. I am sure she honors all of you, her family, for the constant love and support. What a special occasion.