June 22, 2009

Yesterday was Father's Day as well as Aric's 33rd Birthday. We didn't do anything REALLY special, but it was fun to semi-spoil him all day. He got breakfast in bed, Jasper and I made him cards and she made him the cutest necklace that said "Dad" on it, out of her bead set. She did it all by herself, I didn't even know she had done it until she gave it to him! He wore it to church... It was so sweet. We also made him his favorite Indian food for dinner (I attempted to make homemade Naan, you are right Jackee, it is just NOT the same without a Tandoori oven). Angie, Trenton and the kids came over for cake and ice cream at the last minute. It was fun, and Aric was somewhat annoyed when I broke out the camera!
The Birthday boy with a goofy face.

My blue eyed cake monster.

My other blue eyed monster.
Trenti and Swift. (Aunt Brookie snuck her some cake and ice cream later)

Silly Teryk and his beautiful Mommy (whose Birthday is today).

Aram and Swift are too cute together. They just love each other, Aram gets so excited when he gets to play with her. He does try to maul her, though!

This little girl has the cutest personality. She is lots of fun.
Anyhow, Happy Birthday/Father's Day Aric. Hope it was fun for you!!

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Angie said...

Those are sssoooo cute! It is fun to look at the pics even when you are there. You always take the best pics of my kids. I should higher you as my photographer :)