August 24, 2009

Darling Tornado!

Since school started back for Jasper, Aram has been like a little tornado blowing through the house. I thought he would be really whiny because he is the type of kid that needs to be entertained, but instead he seemed excited to finally get the chance to have everything in the house to himself. No one to take toys from him, or things he is not supposed to have, and only one person to try and keep him out of trouble now. It is hard keeping up with him. I admit some days I have barely tried, thinking I will just have one large mess to clean up later rather than a million small ones all day. It is also very cute to watch his joy at all the little things he finds to play with. He and I have the chance to play games together and cuddle. The best part is when his Sissy comes home, he is so excited to see her he actually gives her loves without us telling him to. It is just darling!
Some fun pictures of bath time...
He gets so excited about the water coming out of the faucet!

Goofy face

He tries to climb out of the tub.

He must think it feels funny to lay down in the water, because he gets very silly about it.

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