August 28, 2009

Ok, due to popular opinion... my little boy should look like a... boy! I personally already miss his fluffy red hair and think he looks too grown up now,... but it will grow again!

I am the worst at taking pictures 'in the moment' but I thought I ought to document Jasper the school girl (1 1/2 weeks late)!

Her teacher told me a funny story about her yesterday... They spotted a Mountain Lion right outside the fence at the school, so her teacher called all the other teachers to let them know that recess would need to be inside because of a L-I-O-N (she spelled it in order to keep the kids from freaking out) and after a minute Jasper pipes up "A LION??" after which all the kids did indeed freak out. :D
Aric and I learned last year that if you want to keep a secret from her, you don't spell it. That just makes her more curious. We use Pig Latin instead! :)


Angie said...

Haha, I like that story about Jasper. It is true that hair does grow out but there is always instant remorse. :)

The Webber's said...

I think his hair is adorable! Such a cutie! Sure he looks older, but he's sooo stinkin cute! Jasper is such a character - I bet she's loving 1st grade this year! Hope everyone is doing well!

ShelleyG said...

It really is amazing how much a haircut can age those little guys. I think it looks great. Pig Latin-that's funny!