August 21, 2009

Sweet Six.. (acts like a teen)?

Birthdays are supposed to be fun, right? I thought Jasper was still reeling from her new baby brother last year during her party and that is why she was so ornery. Well, I have decided it is just this girl... She is just pre-pubescent! She was not just ornery this year, she was snooty and rude and in general not a whole lot of fun. Is she 6? or is she 16?
I have sworn off Birthday parties for her. We had SEVERAL episodes of crying and acting out that I just could have done without. So, no more parties! :) (yeah, right!)
The best part about the day was the morning of her birthday where she actually acted excited by a few things. Grammie and Papa bought her a new bike that she just loves! (I haven't gotten a chance to get pictures or video of that yet.)

Her Daddy bought his little 6(teen) year old some earrings, of course the dangle-y ones were her favorites that I won't let her wear yet! :)

For years now, she has been using pencils as her Harry Potter Wands (the kid is obsessed with Harry Potter) but this year we decided it would be fun for her to have the "real" thing!

I think even she was surprised at her magic skills when she "disarmed" her Dad! :) Her face is so cute in this!

I goofed on the top one, but I thought her Butterfly cakes still turned out well! They were fun to make and she was very excited about these, so it was worth all the hard work!

This is the one that turned out like it was supposed to.

Out of all her options (Bowling alley, Rec center swimming pool) she wanted to have her party at the park next to her school. The kids love the old fashioned Merry go Round there. You don't see many of those at parks nowadays! We didn't have a huge crowd of kids, but there was enough to play games and run around with (when she wasn't pouting)!

The Watermelon eating contest! :) These are her buddies from school, they have been joined at the hips since Kindgergarten first started.

Ready to open presents. She thought this was the most important thing, of course!

The only present she was animated about was the movie, Delgo, that I bought her.

Blowing out the candles and wishing that... next year this is more fun!


Jess and Matt said...

Wow Brooke...those butterfly cakes are AWESOME! They are so so cute! Too bad Jasper was sassy; I am sure that was quite disappointing for you. I remember parties when my siblings were younger and I would feel SO bad for my mom when they didn't jump for joy ALL day long. Hahaha. Better luck next year!

Angie said...

Cute videos! Jasper's face was adorable when she did a spell on her dad. I think the party went rather well and the kids had fun so maybe dwell on that note (even though it is hard when your kids are sad on an expected awesome day). Once again I loved the cakes!