August 1, 2009


I brought both of my kids in for their yearly checkup this week... the Stats are as follows:

Aram weighed in @ 20 lbs. 8 oz./17th percentile

29 1/2 in. long/ 38th percentile

and his head was also in the 38th percentile (which had by far grown the most!)

Hopefully that is why this kid is getting so smart these days! :) He talks up a storm now (mostly babbling)! His favorite thing to say,.. "What is that?" Curious little fellow! He is getting friendlier. He gives loves to the whole family and actually likes some strangers now. It is fun (and nerve wracking)to watch him figure things out. He climbs all the stairs at Grammies house like a champ now and then taunts us from the top to try to get us to chase him down! He loves to dance, if he hears music he will get his little boogie going immediately no matter what else he is doing, he will even sing to himself just for an excuse to dance! He still won't sit still to watch a baby show and his naps have almost disintegrated, leaving me with very little time to myself. He loves to read books, and would still rather play with my stuff than his toys. 1 year old is a fun age!

Jasper at almost 6 years old

weighed 43 pounds/42nd percentile

and was almost 45 in. tall/45th percentile

She has grown so much this year, we used to think she would always be on the small end of the growth chart (she wasn't even on it until she was 2), but she has passed up many of our expectations. She will be starting 1st grade the day before her birthday. I think she is excited to go back to school, but she has hated doing any 'homework' this summer. She loves to play learning games on my computer, although she hasn't gotten to much lately. When she got her computer privileges taken away (yet again) for bad behavior, she asked (in her sassiest voice) "Why do you always take away the computer when you KNOW that is what I like the most!!" My point exactly, my dear! :) She refuses to go outside to play by herself for fear of bugs! She likes to play with her brother and to 'mother' him until he screams. She is still our cuddle bug and likes to be the center of her parents attention. She has been very inventive this summer using plastic silverware attached to her drawings to make puppets. I could wish that she would be more obedient, but I suppose this is typical for the age. She is a huge helper around the house, and her brother and I will miss her fun personality during the day once school starts.


Angie said...

Like the pics, I think big heads must be in the jeans! Teryk's head was in the 70th percentile for 2 years. I love when Aram says "What is that?"

Aelysium said...

Only a year old and he's already given up on naps? I would cry. Ryker still takes TWO naps a day, thank heavens.

Jackee said...

Sweet kids. I think A. is going to be the only boy in the family without a HUGE noggin. That's a good thing--I. was off the charts for awhile!

And J. will love school... once it becomes routine again.