October 29, 2009

Halloween, Halloween... everybody SCREAM!!

Am I glad it's over... for this year at least! :) It was just one thing after another and even though I got pictures of some of the things we did... I didn't get time to post them, so here (in backwards order) is a very large compilation of our Halloween activities in 2009.
Aram the Ewok didn't like our friend Nate the Wookie.

He even walks bowlegged like an Ewok!

Jasper had the voice down... "I'm Hermione Granger, and you are..."

Daddy loves Halloween and painted this bat on his girl,.. she loved it!

Trick-or-Treating with Jasper's class on Friday... She is practicing her spell work in the background.

The pumpkin Patch at Sutherland Farms on Wednesday was C-O-L-D! 1st snow of the season came on the wrong day!

Aram loves slides and the corn pit was a new twist on the fun!

Swift thought the corn looked tasty!

Whats more fun that riding in a barrel behind a tractor?

Pumpkin carving was a lazy Monday (Jasper didn't have school) activity.

"It feels YUCKY!"

Aram didn't want anything to do with this mess!

There ya have it... too much fun for one week! :) Can't wait until next year!


Angie said...

How funny, it says you posted this two days before halloween, you are talented! haha. Jasper looked so pretty in that photo with Michalen. I loved watching Aram waddle around as an Ewok.

Brooke said...

I started posting it then! :)

leeann said...

i haven't found any farms to do that here...yet. Plus we were gone over Halloween so no pictures from us.
We liked going to Sutherland farms with Luke and Dawson. Looks like fun!