October 13, 2009

Our week with the 'Piggies'

Well, the good news is... my kids don't need the Swine Flu Vaccine now!
It was a looooonnng week, but we made it and Jasper went off to school this morning after being home for over a week. Despite the rain this morning, this week looks MUCH brighter.
My poor little girl was SOOO sick! Luckily she got Tamiflu, so it didn't last as long as it could have. She did have residual Asthma problems that kept us up at night, but it could have been much worse!

We took a short break between kids getting sick (Jasper was no longer contagious and Aram hadn't gotten it yet) and went Bowling... had I known Aram was going to get sick DESPITE being on the Tamiflu, we wouldn't have gone. We were very tired of being cooped up at home, though.

It began again with Aram getting a rash covering his entire body and a HIGH fever (104.5). Back to the Dr. to find out that he now had the Swine Flu and needed to up his dosage frequency of Tamiflu.

About that time, Aric's car broke down again! (Thank you Trenton for all your help, you are so kind!) We missed Jasper's Parent/Teacher conference for the 2nd time and Mommy (I) had a meltdown! Whew, could it get any worse?
Then I found out about a friend whose house had completely burned down, destroying all their possessions. Yes, it could certainly be worse! That brought reality back and I remembered how blessed I am. TRULY!

We even had some fun just being together this last week. Jasper and Aram had a lot of time to play. They are so darling that sometimes I wonder whose they are! :)

(Also,.. Sorry Grammie and Papa, for giving you the Piggie Flu, too!)


Kyle and Alli said...

Oh yuck. Sounds like a nasty week. I am glad it is over and everyone is back to feeling better!

Jackee said...

Wow! I knew all of this, but the pictures really brought home how miserable a week it had been for you.