October 20, 2009

Two of my favorite things about Jasper,... She loves to sleep! When she wakes up she wants to be cuddled! Aram, on the other hand, wants to go, Go, GO as soon as he opens his eyes. I usually get him out of his crib when he wakes up and bring him to my bed in an attempt to cuddle him and let Jasper get a little more Zzz's.
This is the routine...

Let the wrestling and mischief begin.
As soon as I get sick of trying to contain him, I let him go find his 'Sis Sis'

He wakes her up in the sweetest way,.. a good hair yank or smack to the head!

Then it's cuddle time!
This morning we watched the Sunrise from her bedroom window. (you can see it's reflection behind her)

I love our mornings... It's the simple things that make Life so fun, right?

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Kyle and Alli said...

Beautiful sunrise photos! I wish I felt like taking pictures at the time of the morning when the sun rises!