January 28, 2009

Little Aram is getting big..big..big these days. These are some of the accomplishments of this crazy little red head.

Two new teeth to bite mommy with, or anyone who unwittingly gets too close to my mouth. (or hands, as I pull everything I can reach into my mouth.)

I roll over both ways, but only when I feel like it, sometimes I would rather scream at you to pick me up.

I can sit up all on my own for long stretches of time, and I am getting brave enough to try to dive for things, or grab my feet. (Beware: if I fall on my head you will hear about it LOUDLY and for a LONG time afterwards. Earplugs, anyone?)

I pull my sister and cousin Teryk's hair because they get in my face and grab my hands, boy do they love me.

I love to eat, as my 16 lbs attests to, (I'm in the 20th percentile for all my measurements) and I will eat most babyfood, until I see someone else eating "real" food, then you had better give me some.. quick. I can make short work of crackers, waffles, pudding, cake...(my mom feels guilty about all of the "junk" food people feed me)

I sleep about 10 hours straight each night, and then I take two naps during the day. (lucky parents, huh?)

I like to jabber babytalk and have just started saying mumm,mumm. When I want to complain but not scream, I've got the funniest Tarzan call. (mom will try to get that one on video)

Toys don't entertain me for long, unless you hold me also. I just want to be on the go, hopefully I will learn to crawl soon.

All in all, I would say that I'm a pretty fun guy. Don't ya think?

January 23, 2009

Take it from Annie...

I recently introduced my daughter to one of my favorite childhood movies... Annie. She was somewhat less than impressed with it, but as a three year old I was absolutely in love with that movie and could be heard singing "the sun will come up, tomorrow..." So, is it surprising that this last week that very same tune keeps popping into my head? My own life is having a patch of smooth sailing right now, but I feel like the lives of so many family and friends are being bombarded by trials and heartache right now. So, as I was humming this tune to myself this morning, I thought I would send the message out to those who, despite your best efforts to keep your head up are struggling along right now.

I know from experience that sometimes its all you can do just to hold on and get through one more day, or hour, or minute. That "hanging on" is what gets you through the rough patches. So, I hope you will all keep "thinking about tomorrow" and "come what may" will endure through whatever trials the Lord sends you. You Can Do It!
Love to you all.

January 17, 2009

How sweet it is..

I just got a FABULOUS new camera from my WONDERFUL parents for my birthday, and it has been lots of fun taking pics and then messing with the cool editing tools. I had to share my favorites of the cutest little 6 month old in the world. (yes, I know I'm biased)... Both of these are taken with Grammie holding him (I was forbidden to include her in the shot, though). He absolutely adores both his Grammie and Papa (Papa makes him giggle like no other). When he was 3 months old (to the day) and we found out that my Mom had cancer, I was thinking how awful that now after all these years I had a baby and couldn't be as much of a help to her because of him, but just today I realized what a blessing it was both for him (he gets to spend A LOT of time with her, that is mostly one on one) and for her, I think/hope it lifts her spirits to see the smiles and hear the coos that are inspired just by her BEAUTIFUL face.

(I know how much you hate attention Mom, and this post will bug you, but I wanted you to know how much you are loved, even without your hair and health.)

(He's asleep)

Better than NO hair!

Most of you out there know that my mom is going through Chemotherapy right now (only 2 more treatments to go, YEAH!) and we all know what the most common side effect is. So, in early December I whacked most of my hair off as an empathetic gesture. For those of you who haven't seen it yet...

My plan is to grow it out at the same time as her, even though I'm sure hers will pass mine up even with the head start. It has been somewhat liberating to have it this short. Fix time is about a minute. Aram can't grab it (he pulls his sisters hair now), and I have been told this is 'my style'. Still, I look forward to having 'girl hair' again. Not nearly as much as Mom does, I'm sure.

(and, yes, Jackee I did take this picture myself. I'm just not as good at it as SOME people.)

January 2, 2009

you need some alone time? and your privacy?

You know your little girl is growing up when....

She shuts you out of the bathroom, locks the door and tells you, when you insist she open it "But Mom, I need my privacy because I wear high heels now."

She gets in trouble and is sent to her room, but refuses to come out later stating "I need some alone time."

Has 2 loose teeth, but doesnt want to wiggle them because "the tooth fairy might not have any money right now."

Trys to convince her mom that she is not hungry for a meal, just a snack (every 15 minutes) because "It's not good for me to eat too much."

....Yes, I believe the days of bare butt innocence are vanishing.