January 20, 2010

It seems to be about time for status updates. So,.. whats new? We have been hit with some pretty big storms bringing us an accumulation of 15 inches of snow... too bad it is mostly melting off in the afternoons. Jasper had some fun building a darling little snowman out of what was left, though.

She was so excited for school to start again after Christmas break. The crazy girl doesn't even want a Snow Day to keep her at home... Should I be worried? Does she not like us anymore? Really, I think she just has a lot of fun at school.
She has been great about getting her work done on time, lately. She is usually much too spacey and social during seat work time. Today I was looking at a Storybook she wrote about Bears and was pleased to see that all her spelling, punctuation, and grammar were perfect and was SHOCKED that her handwriting looked great. She has always had a hard time writing neatly. I am not sure if it is laziness or still some difficulty with her fine motor skills. Either way, it looked lovely and I was very happy about it.
She has been on a Veggie-strike lately. This is the child who as a baby would not touch the pureed fruits, but LOVED the pureed vegetables. Even as a toddler she ate broccoli, green beans, and peas without complaint. It is much too difficult to convince her to even TRY any veggie these days. I get really frustrated with her because she thinks SHE is in control of what I make for Dinner each night. Her favorites are Indian/Thai food and Chinese food. If we are having anything else,.. she complains!
On a good note, she is still absolutely sweet and cuddly to her Mom and Dad. The day she doesn't climb on my lap or come and give me a random hug or an 'I love you' will be a sad day, indeed. I hope it never comes. (Like I can just wish away those teenage years, right?)

Aram found a new way to play with the really cool Dump Truck that Grandpa Ed sent him for Christmas... You RIDE it! It is motorized, so when you push the button it makes noises like an engine starting while jumping around and then it zooms forward for a few seconds. NOT while a 23 lb. kid is on it, though... He doesn't understand this.

He loves all things "Trackers" (tractors) and Trucks right now, so I thought he would be overjoyed when Papa started up the big Tractor to plow our driveway. He was very stoic about the whole thing, though. He wouldn't even sit in it for long. Maybe if it had been going at the time...

THIS kids eating problem extends not only to vegetables... He won't eat ANYTHING some days. He only wants to drink juice (which I severely water down) and "Chocs" (chocolate) and "Cooks" (cookies) are frequently his requested food. It is helping me to improve on my patience, right?

He can say almost everything these days, but most people don't know he talks because he won't have anything to do with socializing outside of his family. Stinker!

There is not a day goes by that he doesn't have some new bump or bruise. Wild Thing!! He has gotten to be a lot sweeter lately, though. He FINALLY started calling me Mama more often. Unless you ask him to say it, then it is "Brooke". He gives "tisses" (kisses, for which he makes the cutest smacking noise) and hugs on a regular basis now and pats us on the back or shoulder as he is doing it. I was worried that he would be sad when his Sis had to go back to school, but he seemed to be overjoyed at the prospect of having free reign of the house again. She tends to holler at him for getting into things more than Mommy does! ;)

Well, these are the memories we make each day. Now,.. hopefully I will remember them.


Jackee said...

Cute! I bet she's excited school is cancelled tomorrow and she'll have a whole bunch of new snow to play in. Tell them hi for me!

Angie said...

Jasper's snowman was so cute. She is very photogenic! Aram's expression was hilarious with the food all over his face. :)