January 22, 2010

What do you do when it snows and Snows and SNOWS??

Do you eventually get very tired of the kids fighting and wrestling all over you and each other...

Send them outside to play! Bundling up is a problem when you are only 18 months old. For one thing, Mommy thought she could get away with not buying Snow boots yet... Then there is the fact that Snow THIS deep and heavy is hard to walk in... VERY hard!

Despite being poorly outfitted, it is still a lot of fun!

Mommy watches from the sliding glass door...

But when the makeshift Boots come off for the 2nd time... It is time to come in!

(Playing with the boot instead of wearing it!)

She gets to stay outside. She is bigger and older. This is not a well liked idea by her Brother. So off he goes to take a nap!

While we make and eat yummy Snow Ice cream!


Jackee said...

Fun times! I wish I would have had a way to get boots to you. Sorry!

Brooke said...

Don't be sorry! It's not your job to supply my child with clothes/shoes! :D Although, you usually do!

ShelleyG said...

I guess I lived in the dessert too long as a kid--what is snow ice cream? Is there a specific recipe, or can you just mix in whatever? :) Isn't all of this snow CRAZY!! My kids are loving it, and I love watching them thru the glass. ;)