December 22, 2009

12 days of Christmas (cont.)

Sorry to be so slow with posting these, we have been sick, had company, and Aric has been working so much that we have had to open many of these without him! :( It has still been fun, nonetheless. I give you...

Day #5

Silly Jasper,.. tape and wrapping paper is for presents... not your nose!
More chocolate,... Yum!

Day #6

VERY personalized! (So glad I didn't pass these gifts on to someone more needy than ourselves!) My kids' reactions to the pillowcases were so cute. They LOVED them!

Day #7

Gotta love Bubble Baths!

Day #8

Aram didn't know what this was until his sister told him. After that he carried it around saying "Coco".

Day #9

This has been great 'gift unwrapping' practice for Aram. He is becoming quite the pro, in fact he even attempted unwrapping 2 other presents under the tree today!

Christmas music! We love Christmas music and my kids did indeed dance to it! (Why didn't I think to take pictures of that?)
3 more days to go! Are you all ready for Christmas? I hope your Holidays are just beautiful!

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edkitt said...

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