December 18, 2009

12 days of Christmas = lots of fun! Thank you, whoever you are!

Last week a box "mysteriously" appeared on our porch. I thought it was junk for Aric, but it turned out to be full of presents...
12, to be exact.
Each one had an envelope taped to it with a number on it, and there was a letter inside explaining that we were to open 1 present each day until Christmas. At first I was a little appalled because there are so many families out there that are more needy than we are.
I thought about passing it on.
Then I realized that this wasn't to meet any 'needs' this was something fun that a 'Mystery family' did just for us.
I am still flabbergasted, and cannot imagine who would have done this. I feel very humbled and am going to pass this awesome act on next year for someone else.
Inside each envelope is a story relating to Christmas. It has been neat for our little family to gather and read the story as well as open the gift each day. I thought I would share that joy with you all, as well.
Our fun pile of presents.
Even more fun with the lights shining on them!

Day #1

Socks! One pair for each member in our family!
(Jasper and I decided to model ours)

Day #2

Angie and the kids were over, so we let Swift and Aram open this one.
There were plenty of "Turtles" to share! Yum! Aric loves these.

Day #3

Oh, the anticipation...

This was Mommy's favorite gift! I love pens and I needed a new magnetic notepad! Seriously,.. I was going to go buy one this week, now I don't have to! :)

Day #4

My little 'Calling birds'. How darling, huh?
We got 4 of these, so I shared the wealth and gave 2 away in order to drive other parents nutters, too! :D They emit this honking squawk when blown through.
More gifts to come. Thank you, Mystery Family. Thank you so very much!


Kyle and Alli said...

What a FUN idea! Keep the rest of the ideas coming...I would love to write these all down!

The Webber's said...

So fun!! I may be stealing their little sayings because I've seen and done numerous 12 days of Christmas, but that one is really cute! I love that there is something in each package for each family member mostly!! Very exciting for everyone!

Jackee said...

Cool! You didn't tell me this. I would have loved to see it.

Brooke said...

Jack- I meant to have the girls open one together while we had Kass, but I kept putting it off because they needed to get baths and their hair fixed first (I would be taking pictures, ya know?) and then I forgot... We had to open 3 presents in one day because we got behind while you guys were here! I really wish I would've just done it with the girls, messy hair and all!