December 16, 2009

Thus far in the month of December...

Angie and I went to our Ward's 'Super Saturday' and made some really cute crafts.

We had friends over to decorate Gingerbread houses. This is the 1st year I have been the one to bake and assemble the houses, and let me just tell you... PAIN in the neck. I will be handing that privilege BACK to Michelle for next year! :) (I handed over my camera because I was busy, but no one took pictures of the houses, maybe Michelle has some she will email me)...

I got some later of the 'babies' decorating and eating their gingerbread cookies.

My son is such a wierdy! :) I love it!

Our friends little boy, Kealen is the same age as Teryk. They have been decorating Gingerbread houses together since they were babies!

Taegan and Jasper... best buds for 6 years now!

Aram is a little sneak-thief when it comes to the ornaments on the tree. He knows he is not supposed to have them, but they are too tempting. If he is being quiet, we know he has something he shouldn't. Jasper takes it upon herself to snatch them away from him and hang them back on the tree.

The number of ornament causalities: 2, thus far.

I have been baking like crazy this week... Pecan Pralines, Sugar cookies, Red Velvet Shortbread cookies, Peppermint Bark, Chocolate dipped Macaroons, soft and chewy Gingerbread cookies and White chocolate covered Popcorn. I still have about 4 more items on my baking list. If you live near me... I will be bringing around the goodies!

Aram finally said 'Mama' today! :) (BIG Smile) He has been saying 'Dada' and 'Sis' forEVER now. I felt very left out! He also learned the word 'butt' today, and used it to tell me he needed a new diaper! Smart lil' man.

Watch for our '12 days of Christmas fun' post... coming soon (as soon as I stop baking long enough to do it!) :)


Angie said...

How funny...Swift looks like she's sick in that picture. Jasper's teeth look so tiny compared to taegan's. It'll be crazy when her big teeth come in since her baby teeth are so small. She will be adorable :). It was fun, thanks for having us!

Kyle and Alli said...

Yum! I wish I lived close enough to benefit from your baking sessions! I have not had time to back anything this year....maybe we will try to do it a few months late!

Aelysium said...

Fun! I love holiday activities. Christmas time is so busy, but so festive and fun. I need to try gingerbread houses with Anicka sometime, I think she would love it.
We haven't done any baking yet, I have been too too busy with other things. Probably won't happen till after Christmas! I guess my neighbors will be getting New Year treats, instead. :)

The Webber's said...

Aww - cute!! You know Aram loves you to death, but to hear him say it probably just topped every thing off :D

I love holiday baking - SOOO many possibilities and never enough time! Everything sounds delicious!! Jealous we dont live near you guys any more ;D