December 28, 2009

Christmas time for the Kittles

Christmas Eve is always my favorite of Holiday 'days'. I'm not sure why... the excitement of the day is palpable, I guess. We usually do some last minute things and then catch a movie as a family. The evening is always reserved for dinner and present opening at my Parent's house, which is a lot of fun.
This year...
We were lucky enough to find Santa at our local restaurant. He was very kind and we all thought it was really neat. All except Aram, of course. He just wanted Santa to go away. Even after getting a candy cane from him, Aram was still not going near him. Santa tried for quite a while to persuade him, too. Ah well, I would say maybe next year but I can't imagine this childs personality changing enough for that.

Later, we went to our 1st ever 3D show. Avatar. Loved the movie. Awesome colors and CG. HATED the 3D. Major headache. Just my opinion... :)

Grammie and Papa always go overboard and buy the kids really cool presents. It was a fun evening watching all the kids' excitement

Aric enjoying Angie's homemade Strawberry (virgin) Daiquiris.

Papa with a big smile on his face! Love it!

See, children's' excitement is contagious!

Christmas morning in the Kittle household also, didn't disappoint. Aram got tons of Geotrax, which he may not 'get' yet as he just wants to dismantle the tracks and pick up the cars rather than watch them. He loved his Sissy's present and torments her by his need to play with it...

Jasper got a Polly Pocket Mini wheels Rollercoaster. So much fun! So many battles to fight to keep Aram away from it!

Today the Christmas tree came down in order to make room for all the new presents, so we say 'Goodbye Christmas tree,.. you will not be forgotten... just ignored for another 11 months!'

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Angie said...

Fun, fun, fun! I agree, Christmas-Eve is a lot more enjoyable since the actual holiday means it is practically over.