May 5, 2009

The end and the beginning of the busyness.

With Jasper's first year of school drawing to a close, I must admit I am somewhat relieved to have 3 months to slow down. It has been a busy 9 months for her as well as Aram and I. We are always the ones running her back and forth from school, spending time helping out in her classroom and eating school lunch with her about once a week (she loves this, and is always begging me to come for lunch). So, as many of you know, the end of the school year gets even crazier as the field trips start rolling in. We went Bowling last week, then on Monday the entire school was bussed to Farmington to watch the movie Earth, followed by lunch at the park. It was fun, if a little wild. Jasper is usually too busy dancing around to get a good picture, but I tried...
Jasper and her friends, Rylee and Mikalynn

Life may just be getting busier in our house this summer though, due to my VERY active little boy. Now that he crawls everywhere, he is into everything. Jasper loves playing with him, but her games usually involve dress up (note the 'FAIRY' cute wings on Aram) and her dollhouse, which he loves. She will just have the furniture all arranged the way she wants it when her brother comes crawling right into the dollhouse to plop himself down and REarrange it for her!

How can you help but endure the orneriness when it comes with a face like this?

Aram's new favorite game: unload and inspect the contents of the diaper bag. He should get a job with an Airline. :)

Maybe he can even earn some real "wings" in the process. ;)

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Jackee said...

I'm glad J. enjoyed all the field trips. That is awesome. I can't get over how much Aram looks like I. in some of these picts, just orangey-er.

And as far as this summer--just send them out in the sagebrush and tell them to graze--er--I mean play.