May 20, 2009

Goo Goo for Goggles!

We are ready for swim lessons,.. and even though we look silly and don't REALLY like to wear the goggles, it sure is fun to have them! :)

Aram had to be restrained to keep him from pulling them off right away!

Silly, Silly kids!

Trying the new goggles out in the baby pool!

These two had fun today... jumping on the trampoline with a sprinkler under it and swimming in the baby's pool (it was too cold for Swift and Aram). Luckily, NO major owies this time! (The chunk of skin missing from the bridge of Jasper's nose was from LAST time, when they decided to slide across Grammie's wood floor on pillows!)

These two LOVE mischief, and each other! :)


Jackee said...

J. is going to grow up having essentially TWO little brothers, she is so close to her cousin.

Cute pictures!

Angie said...

I still think their wonky eyes are hilarious. I geuss you could see it better in person. They are adorable and Aram was smiling with the goggles on, very impressive! Funny how a kiddy pool can be so much fun.