May 27, 2009


Just some random pics and videos I've taken in the last week...
I swear, this kid goes to sleep with normal hair, but he is such a crazy sleeper that he wakes up with this major bed-head!

Sometimes (not very often) he thinks it's fun when his Sister mauls him.

Even big girls need naps occasionally.

She always sleeps with her eyes slightly open, her Dad thinks it's creepy.

Aram and Grammie in all their cute-ness.

We recently got a piano which both of the kids love to play on. Aram can barely reach but he will stand on his tip-toes to get his shot at creating music.

This little guy just insists on feeding himself these days and it is always a messy affair, but the icing on the cake was when he started putting the food in the sides of his hair. YUCKY!

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