May 13, 2009

Field Day!

Jasper had Field Day last week at school, and let me just say,... her gross motor skills are STILL her weakest area! :) It was very fun and funny though watching her try, she doesn't even care if she is the ABSOLUTE last one (by quite a lot sometimes). The class just cheered her on as they waited for her to finish the obstacle course. Later in life this may be one day that she will want to play hooky, but for now I am just glad she is such an easy going girl and not competative. Her best friend on the other hand, is one of the most athletic kids in the class and finished first in almost everything so she gave Jasper one of her 1st place ribbons!
Anyway, here are some fun pics and videos...

Aram thought Field Day was fun as long as he didn't have to sit in a non-moving stroller.

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Jackee said...

Meh. There's more to life than being athletic. She's active, that's all that matters. :)