May 13, 2009


Life has been full of little Graduations for Jasper. I still remember so many of these triumphs... every ounce gained, to finally (after 1 month of life) get to start taking in actual milk, and then to drink it from a bottle rather than a tube. Getting out of the hospital at 2 months when she finally reached 4 lbs. Getting off the supplemental oxygen at 5 months. Learning to turn her head to both sides with the help of physical therapy, then learning to stand was also a challenge. Crawling, walking, talking... She has always been the type of kid that we REALLY have to work with, things have never come easily so it feels like almost every milestone was a triumph. I was very worried about sending her to Kindergarten so young and whether or not we would need to hold her back after this year.

Today she graduated from Kindergarten.

It was such a cute program (even though I couldn't see her) and I am just so grateful for the opportunity the Lord gave me to raise her. She is amazing. Of course we had to work at it, but this little girl is definitely ready to move onto 1st grade next year. I thought it would be fun to show you where she started from...

I wish I could describe how truly tiny and frail she was, pictures do not do it justice.

This is a small bathroom sink that we bathed her in when we first got her home from the hospital. She fit perfectly.

Holding hands (kind of) with Mommy!

And just look at her now. (I think folding her arms while walking has defintely been ingrained from church... :)

Recieving her diploma from her Teacher, Mrs. Richmond.

She is going to miss her friend Mikalynn this summer!
Hopefully next year I wont worry as much. :)


Kyle and Alli said...

Wow. I love seeing these pictures. She has truly come SO FAR! happy Graduation day!!

Josh, Kristin, and Taylin said...

That is so amazing to see how far she has come! Thanks for sharing!!

Jackee said...

Congrats, Japps! I'm so glad those small days are behind you and now you can focus on being the big girl that you are. Love from your aunt--come see me now that you have a summer vacation!