May 15, 2009

No more MONKEY falling out of bed!!

Noise I would rather NOT wake up to:
A loud THUNK followed by earsplitting wailing!
Yes, that would be our son... climbing out of his crib this morning.
Ever since Aram learned to stand up in his crib I have worried about this possibility and asked Aric to lower the crib mattress, but as time went on with no incidents I put it mostly out of my head. Well, better late than never and luckily he wasn't truly hurt. It still amazes me the difference between my two children. He is such a WILD man.
Here he is an hour after I put him to bed tonight... still rambunctious as ever, but definitely contained this time. (or so I hope!!)

This Monkey is good and stuck in his cage this time!

"If I smile and act cute, will you get me out?"
Life is just so fun when you are getting into trouble!


Kyle and Alli said...

Oh boy. Aaron climbed out of his crib when he was a little guy and ended up breaking his leg. Good call on lowering the mattress!

Brooke said...

Must be boys, and more especially red-headed boys! :) You will have to pass this along to Aaron for me. I just realized something... it's funny, I always tell people about the pronunciation of Aram's name that it sounds like Aaron with an M instead of an N! They have much in common it seems. :)

Aelysium said...

Definitely a boy thing. Ryker fell out of bed this morning! And I'm just waiting for him to fall headfirst into the bathtub, since he's constantly jetting in there the second he notices that the door has been left open. I'm glad Aram wasn't hurt at all. And gosh, he's so cute.

Jackee said...

Look how big his teeth are getting! Glad he wasn't hurt.

edkitt said...

Don't let the monkey fall out of bed. This is the only way to reach you on the puter so far, as I have no e-mail address for you guys. Kaleb fell out of his high chair and lost four baby teeth when he was about 9months old, so watch that too. Love Ed

Brooke said...

Hey Ed. Thanks for the comment. You can also reach us via email @ or
Hope you are doing well. Aric has been trying to get you on the phone for a few weeks now. Thank you so much for the Christmas presents. The kids are very excited.